Square tube polishing machine is specially designed for tube polishing. Tubes can be single- sided polished or multi- sided polished according to the tube side characteristics of the four. After tube single-sided polishing, the square tube need to be reversed to polishing other sides, that means need to be filliped three times to complete the square tube polishing. Double-sided polishing equipment also need to flip a square tube to complete the overall polishing. So many polishing processors as much as possible demand the square tube can be polished at the same time to improve the market for high-efficiency processing requirements. Here will introduce the working principle of automatic square tube polishing machine.

 working principle of automatic square tube polishing machine

Characteristics of square tube polishing machine:

The first, the four sides simultaneously polishing, multi-grinding head space collocation way. Four simultaneous polishing is a rigid requirement, only this way can meet the production requirements. To do the four sides simultaneous polishing, the machine need to be installed four polishing heads in the same internal polishing machine group. If the four polishing heads placed in a position at the same time for the four-sided polishing. On the one hand, the polishing wheel may be contact with each other and displacement occurs, on the other hand polishing wheel can not be fully pressed contact with the surface of the square tube that may have poor polishing effect. Therefore, the mechanical use of upper and lower, left and right staggered design, the same polishing machine group components have to be carried out on the bottom and then polishing the left and right side, a group of equipment can achieve the square tube four sides polishing effect one time.

Second, the automatic pipeline transport processing mode. There are some differences in the conveying mode of the square tube. Rotary conveying mode can be adopted for the round pipe polishing. The square pipe can not be rotated because of its water chestnut. In multi-unit square tube polishing machines, conveyors are added to each group of structures due to the transfer requirements between the polishing groups. The square tube plane characteristics, left and right rubber wheel rotation for transmission, thus has reached the purpose of automated transmission.

Third, the whole multi-polishing group with polishing, full-featured. As the fast mechanical transmission speed, square tube polishing can not be fine polished with polishing wheel,and primary grinding to the rough products. In order to solve these problems, multiple groups needed to be carried out to enhance the efficiency and polishing effect, six to eight groups or even 10 groups of equipment combined for the polishing unit for processing are required. This multi-group processing will not affect the mechanical processing efficiency, but to enhance the polishing effect, can make the primary products to achieve the mirror effect.

In addition, there are a number of other highly automated equipment for this type of equipment. Such as automatic wax spray device, this fully enclosed device can not be hand-waxing, automatic wax spray is also a manifestation of its high degree of automation. Another example is the automatic compensation device, polishing wheel will have a greater loss after a long period of grinding, mainly for the polishing wheel diameter becomes smaller, then the system can automatically adjust the polishing wheel and the product surface distance and improve the use of polishing wheel, and reducing the manual replacement frequency of the polishing wheel.