I believe many automatic polishing machine users sometimes may find the machine is very hot, accompanied by running power is insufficient. Why automatic polishing machine motor temperature rise? What is the causes?

why automatic polishing machine motor temperature rise

1, overload operation: This situation is generally no feeling at the beginning, the temperature will be sharp rise after a period of time. This is usually the power supply is insufficient or the equipment is overloaded. For example, a small round pipe polishing machine polish a relatively long steel pipe, and the guide is not mounted on the carriage, the pipe will be a great deal of resistance to increase the motor’s operating load when polishing, the motor will be very hot in a short time.

2, the motor cooling function is not well: This situation generally occurs in a small-scale processing factory, due to heavy production tasks. The equipment is rarely cleaned and maintained. Causing the motor covers a lot of dust. The heat loosing is not well that motor will be overheating, so the motor should usually be cleaned and maintenance.