In the automatic polishing machine industry, mirror polishing effect is often referred. What is mirror polishing? How to get mirror polishing effect? Now, let’s to see.

The mechanical mirror polishing of metal products is a process of grinding and polishing the metal materials (rough polishing, polishing, grinding), so that to achieve bright mirror effect.

what is mirror polishing

1. Grinding process: it is to make smooth grinding which products with burr, rust, paint, and other surface roughness. At this point that product surface may also leave small and uniform marks. Grinding is divided into rough grinding and fine grinding. After rough grinding, the metal surface may have deep marks, so need fine grinding to grind again in order to make preparation for polishing.

2. Polishing process: it is a process to get a mirror finish effect. The automatic polishing machines which added polishing wheels to polish the parts after repeated small uneven surface, common in the surface modification coating. General use hemp wheels, cloth wheels, blue wind cloth wheels, pearl cloth wheels and other consumables. Polishing is the last step of the surface of the coating or the surface of the part. The purpose is to eliminate the fine abrasive marks remaining on the surface after polishing. The ideal polished surface should be smooth, bright, no trace, no pit, no metal disturbance layer of the mirror-like state of the surface.