CNC polishing machine is a very popular polishing machine equipment in polishing industry in recent years, it is widely used in special-shaped pieces, arc products, spherical products, oval products polishing finishing. Such as mobile phone shell, stainless steel tableware plate cover and so on. What is the CNC polishing machine equipment exactly? which are the advantages?

CNC polishing machine is a new type of intelligent polishing equipment relatively to the manual polishing machine and automatic polishing machine, the main function is used for metal products surface treatment, increase CNC programming system, automatic rail, multi-axis linkage and other configurations. What is cnc polishing machine? Here we mainly introduce the CNC polishing machine from its structure, divide into power system, polishing head, workbench, prevention cover, hydraulic system, operating system.

what is cnc polishing machine

Power system: mainly motor provides power, the power motor driven spindle rotation and spindle drives the polishing wheel to polish products.

polishing head: one is directly connected to the motor polishing head and the polishing wheel is mounted to the motor shaft directly; another one is mounted on the convey shaft, axis drive the polishing wheel operating that the buffing wheel runs more stable in this way.

Workbench: Due to the complexity of the product shape processing, CNC polishing machine table on the use of multi-axis, more than five-axis is relatively strong enterprises needed in our country. Different products the workbench requirements are not the same that some workbench needs to be customized according to the products.

Prevention cover: Due to the polishing will cause large dust, polishing equipment is often equipped with dust cover to prevent dust from spreading. Many equipment is installed polishing dust explosion-proof lights and other devices yet.

Hydraulic system: automatic spray wax system, polishing work is synchronized with automatic spray wax. including an automatic spray gun and hydraulic bucket, the automatic spray gun mounted on the side of the polishing wheel, and the hydraulic bucket provides spray gun with high-pressure .

Operating System: CNC operating system, which is the sign of CNC polishing machine. PLC operating system is mainly used in the currently automatic polishing machine while CNC polishing machine with more advanced CNC system. Itinerary system process is pre-set to ensure the polishing effect.

Main features: CNC polishing machine compared with automatic polishing machine, the main difference is that the operating system upgrades to CNC system from the PCL operating system.
CNC numerical control operating system can process a program logically, and having a control code or other symbol command specification and to decode it by a computer so that the head performs a prescribed movement that up, down, left and right. So that the irregular product pieces can be polished one time.