Polishing wax is the necessary consumable in the process of metal products polishing by automatic polishing machine, which can be divided into solid polishing compound and liquid polishing compound. What does polishing compound do?

Now we will talk about the most used solid wax and the wax application on automatic polishing machine. Automatic polishing machine polishing products generally can be divided into 3 steps, rough polishing, Matt polishing, and fine polishing. The polishing wax uses are also different in each step and the effect is not the same, too.

what does polishing compound do

The rough polishing step is to throw away the rough products surface and deep scratches. The solid polishing compound must increase the polishing wheel grinding force and brightness to the product surface. Commonly use grit abrasive flap sanding discs, flap wheels and oil hemp sisal wheels with yellow polishing compound, purple polishing compound bars and blue polishing compound in the rough polishing. (Yellow polishing compound which is mainly for zinc alloy, aluminum and other lower polishing effect required products, or the products needed plating, sandblasting oxidation, surface coating after polishing).

In the process of throwing rough will leave scratches and marks on the product surface. So the further surface treatment is needed. In this process, general use the blue buffing wind cloth polishing wheels, sisal cloth polishing wheels with big blue solid wax, white wax, blue wax and other consumables.

Fine polishing is to produce the surface brightness (mirror polishing effect). It is generally use cotton cloth, pearl cloth wheel with small white wax and small green wax.

The actual use of solid wax should according to the specific product, like the material, shape and the polishing effect needed. And we can find the most suitable polishing wheel and consumables in proofing.