flat sheet metal polishing machine is designed for polishing sheets that the width of flat sheet must be 600 mm, and length can be up to 6000 mm

automatic polishing machine is used for polishing various metal fittings by changing jigs. the working table is 600*600 mm

arc automatic polishing machine for bracelet, this machine is mainly applicable for curved plate surface polishing, such as ring bracelet, curved handles, curved building hardware

sheet metal polishing machine with rotary table is mainly used for polishing small plates and the plates embedded in the disk rotating polishing to get mirror finishing effect

metal surface polishing machine is designed on the basis of plane polishing machine with eight bits. It is suitable for polishing all kinds of sanitary ware, hardware, construction plane polishing, such as floor drain, the phone shell, charging treasure, metal panels, insulation and so on

cnc cookware polishing machine is used for polishing irregular shape products, like cylindrical, oval. This machine is widely used for cookware polishing, such as pot, bucket and etc

Automatic metal rotary polishing machine can be use for polishing irregular shapes items, such as all types of cylindrical side(like mugs, cylinder, submersible pumps),top surface polishing(like domes, floor drain)etc

Metal rotary cylindrical polishing machine is for polishing irregular, specially for cylindrical shape products

automatic round pipe polishing machine is specially designed for round pipe polishing, and get satin finishing, mirror finishing

dual side tube polishing machine has two polishing wheel, can polish round tube (OD 10-35 mm, length less than 1000 mm) and square tube(OD 10-35 mm, length less than 1000 mm)

stainless steel square pipe polishing machine is used for straight round/square pipe polishing. The pipe diameter range is from 10 mm to 100 mm(round pipe), 10*10 mm-100*100 mm(square pipe), and the ss pipe must be straight

pipe grinding machine is specially designed for bending pipe grinding. the pipe diameter can be 0-60 mm, 60-90 mm,90-150 mm

automatic abrasive belt flat plate grinding machine is designed for grinding, polishing and satin finishing various metal parts, like metal plates, profiles, square or rectangular section tubes, iron bases, door plates, locks plate and etc

automatic small sheet metal hairline finishing machine is CNC controlled and can achieve precision finishing effect