I believe that many customers will find there will be very small scratch on flat aluminum products after automatic plate polishing machine polishing. No matter how to replace polishing wheel and polishing wax can not be removed. In fact, the problem is not consumable itself, it’s the product material. The aluminum product itself is relatively soft, while the plate automatic polishing machines are generally swing straight, so it will leave scratch at high speed rotation.

It’s there no way to removing scratch? Of course, 360 degree rotation automatic plate polishing machine can do this. 2-8 How to remove scratch by automatic plate polishing machine rotating polishing jig are installed on the flat platform of automatic polishing machines. Fixture drives the products 360 degrees rotating and polishing that the product has been rotated, so polishing wheel can not leave scratch on the plate. Thereby automatic plate polishing machine have solve the scratches problem.( If you want to know more about the specification of the working principle, please feel free to contact us).