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  • flange abrasive flap sanding wheels

flange abrasive flap sanding wheels

  • High polishing efficiency
  • Good surface finish priding
  • Low noise and small dust
  • No harm to work piece


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Product Description

Flange abrasive flap sanding wheels are used for metal surface sanding, polishing, finishing, and de-rusting. It’s perfect for grinding stainless steel, ordinary metal, wood workpiece, such as pipe, stainless steel tableware, casting, hardware products etc. They are mainly used together with power tools, polishing machines or professional grinder.

Specification for flap sanding wheels

flap sanding wheels
ModelJ Z Tool
Size8″*2″, 10*2″,10″*4″, also can be customized as required
Inner diameter25-30 mm
Grit 80#, 120#, can be customized as required


Products imageflange abrasive flap sanding wheels

These flap sanding wheels get adapted to the working surface easily due to their flexibility and leaves two thirds less line depth in comparison to abrasive belts.
Flap sanding wheels are used at the polishing of stainless steel, standard steel and non-ferrous metal. in order to use the abrasive wheels more effectively, please do not adjust the pressure force too high. when necessary, please prefer a thicker-grit abrasive wheel, use a snug flange and always use the abrasive wheel at the advised RPM speed written on its label.

The consumables we supplied

abrasive flap sanding discs


How to buy?

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