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  • brush pipe deburring machine manufacturer

brush pipe deburring machine manufacturer

  • Suitable for round pipes/tubes
  • Manual control, easy to operate and safety.
  • Less Maintenance rate than common machine
  • Continuously working time more than 10 years


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Product Description

Brush pipe deburring machine is used for deburring round pipe and get satin finishing. And the pipe deburring machine also can polish many kinds of materials like: stainless steel ,copper, aluminum, brass alloy etc. The features of the pipe deburring machine are below:

  • can be installed with abrasive belt to get satin grinding effect
  • the grit of belt is from small to large to sweep sandholes and scratch to round tube
  • large production can be up to 15 m/min with 8K mirror finishing, Common machine only can achieve 8 m/min
  • more than 10 years continuously working lifetime
  • manual protection on safety operation

Specification of  brush pipe deburring machine

brush pipe deburring machine
Main motor3 KW*2 (SIEMENS)
Pipe OD10-60 mm(round pipe)
Belt size1880*100mm
Spindle speed1420 r/min
consumable sizeOD250 mm*ID 32mm
voltage380 V,50/60 HZ,3 Phase
Polishing heads2 heads
Working condition wet type or dry type
Consumablesabrasive belt
ROHSenvironment protection completely with dust cover


Detail image of brush pipe deburring machine

brush pipe deburring machine


Application of brush pipe deburring machine

brush pipe deburring machine

The machine is mainly used for rattan wood products, plexiglass rods, steel tubes, aluminum tubes and other metal materials) sanding, fine sanding effect and high production efficiency. The machine is widely used crafts, furniture and special hardware products industry. You should choose the abrasive belt based on product type and the polishing effect needed.

Consumables usage

How to use consumables to get needed finish by this brush pipe deburring machine?

Manufacturing costs, timelines and right deburred finishing are always under tight scrutiny from last 20 years. Here, we can give you options at every point of deburring process , there 6 levels of deburring process range from grinding to 100% 8K mirror finishing. Right consumables and deburring process achieve a low cost and can get right deburred finishing effect you need. Details of 6 levels as below:

  • Grinding finish: Usually use 60#-80# grit abrasive belt or flap wheels.
  • Brushed finish: Usually use 120#-180# grit abrasive belt or flap wheels.
  • Sanitary finish: Usually use 180#-240# grit abrasive belt or flap wheels.
  • Polished finish: Usually use 240#-320# grit abrasive belt or flap wheels, then use sisal wheel.
  • Glossy finish: Usually use 400#-600# grit abrasive belt or flap wheels, sisal wheel , common cloth wheel
  • Mirror finish: Usually use 600#-800# grit abrasive belt, then use sisal wheel, hard cloth wheel, cotton wheels for last step to get 100% 8K Mirror finishing.brush pipe deburring machine

The machine working video

Finally,more information, please contact directly by below:
Contact person: Laura xu
Mobile: +86 13929272332



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