CNC machinery, especially CNC polishing machine, grinding hairline finishing machine. There are three-color indicator light on the top of machine. Now there is an instruction of CNC polishing machine indicator light.

instruction of CNC polishing machine indicator light


Green light: the CNC machine is in the working processing, all the actions and processes are running smoothly, and the green light is always on!

Yellow light: the yellow light on indicates that the device is running idle, prompting the operator to change the product. Popular point is that the machine is in standby.

Red light: The red light on indicates that the equipment or the parts of equipment is damaged. Prompting the operator to carry on the overhaul to the equipment, and eliminate the breakdown.

The indicator light can carry on the real-time master to the machine movement status, and also can conducive to mass production lines. A person can operate the whole shop equipment effectively.