Polishing wheel is an important part of automatic polishing machine, and it is a sign to distinguish from other mechanical. How to replace polishing wheels?

Polishing wheel is generally through the polishing shaft into a series, the driven system driven by the power system, with metal and other objects on the table to achieve the grinding and polishing effect.

The polishing wheels are a small pieces, and automatic polishing machine often requires a wide polishing wheel, which requires a number of polishing wheel combined to installation, thus replacing the polishing wheel becomes a time-consuming and laborious work. How to replace polishing wheels for automatic polishing machine quickly? Here we will use the new nylon polishing shaft (we have applied for a patent), take a look at this new type of polishing wheel and the replacement method.

The automatic polishing machine adopts seamless nylon sleeve spindle chuck. Compared with the screw of the old polishing machine, the chuck tightens the chuck, which makes the operation more stable and prevents the flywheel from appearing due to the loosening of the screw in the high speed rotation of the polishing wheel. Effective protection of the polishing staff security. Replacement is also more convenient and fast, only 15 seconds needed to replace the polishing wheel. It is really simple and easy to use.

The following is JINZHU® automatic polishing machine replacement of polishing wheel demonstration diagram:

How to replace polishing wheels for automatic polishing machine quickly

1. Loosen the screw on the spindle fixing unit

2. Pull off the securing parts

3. Remove the polishing wheel