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Automatic/manual polishing machine introduction

Automatic/Manual polishing machine Introduction It is so essential for metal polishing methods. One is Physical polishing and the other is chemical polishing. Physical polishing have manual and automatic polishing. Most of polishing machine factory use manual polishing machine because of cost and technology limitation. Chemical polishing is high cost and improper production requirement. So we will talk [...]

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what is cnc polishing machine

CNC polishing machine is a very popular polishing machine equipment in polishing industry in recent years, it is widely used in special-shaped pieces, arc products, spherical products, oval products polishing finishing. Such as mobile phone shell, stainless steel tableware plate cover and so on. What is the CNC polishing machine equipment exactly? which are the advantages? [...]

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instruction of CNC polishing machine indicator light

 CNC machinery, especially CNC polishing machine, grinding hairline finishing machine. There are three-color indicator light on the top of machine. Now there is an instruction of CNC polishing machine indicator light.   Green light: the CNC machine is in the working processing, all the actions and processes are running smoothly, and the green light is always on! [...]

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why automatic polishing machine motor temperature rise?

I believe many automatic polishing machine users sometimes may find the machine is very hot, accompanied by running power is insufficient. Why automatic polishing machine motor temperature rise? What is the causes? 1, overload operation: This situation is generally no feeling at the beginning, the temperature will be sharp rise after a period of time. This [...]

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How to replace polishing wheels for automatic polishing machine quickly

Polishing wheel is an important part of automatic polishing machine, and it is a sign to distinguish from other mechanical. How to replace polishing wheels? Polishing wheel is generally through the polishing shaft into a series, the driven system driven by the power system, with metal and other objects on the table to achieve the grinding and [...]

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