Automatic/Manual polishing machine Introduction

It is so essential for metal polishing methods. One is Physical polishing and the other is chemical polishing. Physical polishing have manual and automatic polishing. Most of polishing machine factory use manual polishing machine because of cost and technology limitation. Chemical polishing is high cost and improper production requirement. So we will talk about physical polishing as following.


Manual polishing machine use polishing wheels/abrasive belt and polishing wax to get mirror polishing/satin grinding. The advantages of chemical polishing is strongly flexible. It can polish various shape items. For manual polishing, it needs many skilled labors and long polishing time that leads to high cost. What is more, it is dirty and bad for workers health. It has a low production and unstable polishing effect.

Manual polishing machine

Manual polishing machine


Automatic polishing use machine to polish items.

  1. It needs only normal workers to operate instead of skilled workers.  
  2. It usually uses polishing wheels to polish by make fixtures on the worktable or convey belt.
  3. Machine polishing is easy to limited by technology that leads to inflexible operation and not to get perfect polishing effect especially for irregular items.  Different shape and types items need to change fixtures.
  4. But it is truth for polishing machine advantages. It has high efficiency, reduce labor cost, improve environment, reduce dust and so on.
  5. It is a trend for polishing machine automation. Polishing machine manufactures starts to change polishing methods with national regulation and requirements for high efficiency and low cost.
Automatic polishing machine

Automatic polishing machine

How to operate automatic polishing machine?

  1. It has two types for standard machine and customized machine according to items shape.                                                     Standard machines are manufactured by many polishing machine factory. It mainly includes round tube polishing machine, sheet polishing machine and square tube polishing machine and regular items. These machine have little difference in general. It mainly depends on stably and polishing effect of machinery. Then whether after service is timely or not.
  2. For customized machine to polish irregular items, this machine needs good technology to produce. Its market is expanding for customized machine and less factory that can be designed by themselves, JINZHU machine will be leading on the later polishing machine industry.

How to operate manual polishing machine?

  1. it usually has a  switch “Power ON/OFF”

  2. it is controlled by manual 

  3. polishing effect depends on workers. It needs skilled workers