What are the kinds of polishing machine? Which automatic polishing machine do I buy?

There are mainly two kinds of polishing machines, manual polishing machine and automatic polishing machine.

Currently two available types of manual polishing machine in the market. One is the vertical pulley which automatic polishing machine do I buymotor polishing machine, mainly fixed on the ground, generally divided into single-headed and double-headed. You can install the belt and polishing wheel to polishing. Workers sitting or standing by the machine and hand-pressed parts friction and polishing. This polishing method is for larger or regular shape of the workpiece polishing, and have physical requirements to the polishing workers .

The other type is hand-held polishing machine. This small polishing machine is a bit smaller like a hair dryer, the use of portable, small polishing wheel on a small drill bit. Mainly for small pieces of metal, diamonds, precious stones and the uneven, irregular workpiece polishing.

Automatic polishing machine is high efficiency, but can not reach the manual polishing as flexible, so the types of automatic polishing machine is relatively large, mainly divided by the shape of product.
which automatic polishing machine do I buyPlate polishing machine, designed for flat products, flat worktable, can move back and forth and swing. The polishing wheel presses the pressure on product. For some complex products, like jewelry, need to be installed fixtures.

Round pipe polishing machine, can be divided into groups of single-tube conveying pipe polishing machine and roller-type pipe polishing machine. At present, there are six groups, ten groups, twelve groups of pipe polishing machine. The conveyor type can only polish one pipe at a time, as a result of transmission and multi-heads, the effect is well, and not too much impact on efficiency, which automatic polishing machine do I buywhat’s more, the length of the tube is not limited, you can polish long tube. Roller-type pipe polishing machine is installed in the table rubber roller, the tube needed to be polished placed on the roller, the roller can be rotated and driving the tube rotation. This pipe polishing machine can get the mirror effect and high efficiency, can polish twenty round tube a time. However, due to table constraints, tube size and length are also limited that you can customize the large roller tube polishing equipment.

which automatic polishing machine do I buySpecial-shaped polishing machine, mainly used for polishing the irregular metal products. This type machines are often difficult to design, so the machine is needed to customize. There are circular arc polishing machines, dish polishing machines, cookware polishing machines, CNC special-shaped polishing machines currency.

Cylindrical polishing machine, the main models are two grinding heads polishing machine, four grindingwhich automatic polishing machine do I buy heads polishing machine, six grinding heads polishing machine. Mainly for polishing disc, round cover, top and side of cylindrical. This machine’s production is efficiency, and the number of grinding heads can also ensure the polishing effect.

In addition there are other special types of polishing machinery, such as the square tube polishing machine, bending pipe polishing machine, mobile phone shell polishing machine, jewelry polishing machine and so on. Welcome to contact us to find out the machine you need.