Basic information

polishing machines manufacturerWe, Dongguan Jinzhu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. polishing machines manufacturer, started in 2006, located in Humen Town of Dongguan city. There are 60 staffs in our factory, about 10,000 square meters. Our founder Mr. Nie has engaged in polishing machinery for more than 20 years, and the passion of letting metal surface polishing intelligent drives him continuing to move research. We has been adopted superfine polishing technology, specialized in design and manufactures in all kinds of metal polishing machine, hairline finishing grinding machine and spinning machine.


Jinzhu machinery offers significant advantages with respect to other polishing systems:

  • Precision polishing grinding and finishing.
  • Uniform polishing quality without deformation of the processed parts.
  •  Less Maintenance rate than common machine.
  • Quick replacement of the fixtures without using tools.
  • Cost-reduction in the amount of fixtures reduce in mops and polishing compounds consumption.
  • Polishing system avoiding excessive temperature of the parts during the working process.
  • High profitability and amortization. One single operator can handle several machines by synchronizing the working cycles.
  • High production, save working time through flexibility and improve the quality of human’s life.
  • Continuously working time almost 10 years.

Our Main Machines

CNC Polishing Machines

CNC Polishing Machines

The Jinzhu machines have been created from the experience and success of the CNC machines, which is based on the concept of polishing by computer numerical control programming. The development of the CNC polishing machines represents a leading worldwide innovation with the integration of multi-axes systems in the rotary polishing machines, providing a new performance and polishing system.

  •  suitable for automating the polishing of parts with irregular configurations and complex shapes.
  • design and performance make them of universal application with presence in multiple sectors, mainly the hardware faucet and bathroom fitting industry.


PLC Rotary Polishing Machines

Rotary polishing machine is programmable logic control. The polishing system offers higher performance then conventional polishing machines.

  • Flexible production. Specifically designed for processing small series of different circular, regular or irregular parts.
  • Changeable of model and program selection.
  • High production, only one operator required to operate the machine.
  • Interactive programming software.PLC Rotary Polishing Machines

Surface grinding and sanding machine

  • Adopted PLC or advanced CNC system, a high degree of automation.
  • Continuous automatic production, the production of high efficiency.
  • Programming operation, and easy maintenance, etc.
  • Is for various metal parts, like metal plates, profiles, square or rectangular section tubes, tools, iron bases, door plates, locks and etc grinding, polishing and satin finishing.

Surface grinding and sanding machine

We are professional polishing machines manufacturer, we can design the machine as your  products effect needed. Welcome to contact us!

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